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Theatrical Muse: Week 47: Question 47

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 482

What is the biggest lie you ever told? What were the consequences?

First off, to make my point crystal clear even for an imbecile like you, I do not, can not and never will tell lies. There are far to many unsavoury consequences of telling lies, whether it is just a little white lie to patch things up for the time being or something of a far more dramatic severity. If I went around making up evidence that never existed or witnesses that where never there, just to solve my case quicker as a result there is no doubt that I would get myself fired. I would be fired because as a CSI I am a member of the police force and sworn under code and oath to help process the law in an entirely truthful and sometimes impartial and or unbiased manner. When I get up in court to give evidence, I can not tell a lie about what is there or what really happened because quite often it is the CSI’s evidence that can lock a suspect away or at least get them some suitable punishment.

As for the consequences I have already given you them, if I lie in my job I get fired. I get fired, I lose my income. I lose my income I eventually would most likely lose anything from my house to my car or any of the other various items I own that are of some sell worthy value. Surely I could and would most likely get another job right away because I do have some other qualifications that I can work as but it is highly unlikely that I would get hired because no real, solid employer wants an employee with a criminal record. Ands, last time I checked, changing evidence and thus changing the way a case would go is an arrestable and certainly on almost all occasions, a jailable offence which is something that is placed on quite a dramatic scale when compared to minor offences like burglary or defacement of property.

On a personal scale, yet again I have told no lies to myself or others and I see no reason why I should have to because I am always and will always be a man of truth. I tell people lies and at one time or another it’s going to be shoved right back at me for whatever reason it has. Lies affect everything and everyone they touch and come in contact with. A suspect of a murder lies; it only takes me just that time longer to get them put in to jail. In the end, the truth comes to them one way or another and it’s my job to ensure that happens. I start lying myself and I let down all the other public servant CSIs I work for and who work under my jurisdiction. I tell no lies and never will, and, that is the end of that.

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