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Theatrical Muse: Week 44: Question 44

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 720

What happened the first time you got drunk?

This really has gone past piffingly stupid; if you would care to take a good hard look at yourself I’m sure you might find it eventually after a few good weeks of constant trying. If not then, just give up and go home because I assume you would still be standing in the same place I left you in and even then you might have a small very minute chance of catching on. It is times like this that there is such a displayable difference between myself and you for I would not tolerate it and it would do me to no ends any good effect if I somehow got mixed up with an idiotic baboon like yourself. I have never gotten myself drunk with any of the various possible ways or forms that alcohol can be presented in beverage like or otherwise so point blank I have never been drunk.

As a CSI I have to be clean and free of anything that could possibly inhibit me from preforming by job any less than 100%. Even though I work the Dayshift I still finish in the late afternoon and even then I have a schedule I prefer to keep to as to keep my own life organised and cleanly functioning they get the blame and I don’t I do not get the blame but they do. I can not screw up because I run the Dayshift and if they come to me and I’m off in some pansy fairy world with the rest of the alcoholic bums I put my job in jeopardy and I never, ever put my job in trouble because I am no idiot. Living in Las Vegas there are more bars, clubs and other places that serve alcohol than most other types of business and I have seen far too many alcohol related Homicides and Suicides that have been either caused by or come as a direct result of alcohol related activities.

If I take a walk in the down town streets which I try to avoid, unlike Brown, there are street rats and street bums that I could count off my fingers multiple times. There are a lot of them as I have seen and noticed when I do have the unfortunate order to get down in to that part of Las Vegas that have grimy, cheap bottles of liquor in their hands, most of which by their state or clear alcoholics. These people started drinking for fun and it gets worse when they became addicted and become alcoholics, all just as a result because of their weak resistance to temptation. I have a strong resistance to temptation because there are few if any things that I am tempted by and even then I know what is better for myself and the people around me. It would do no help if I was drunk up to the nines with cheap booze because my work, my life and every thing in general and around me would be affected. On my day off, once in a while on those few days I have a single shot of whisky that serves its purpose by loosening me up a small bit, which is the desired effect for alcohol is a relaxant. I have no more than that and if I do by chance have that single shot I take it with food at the start of my day, sometime preferably during lunch and only if it is my day off. Unlike some types of people I am not stupid enough to succumb to the likes of man made temptations in a bottle, bottled or not I am not one who allows myself the supposed luxury of satisfying myself so much that I lose reason. I drink fluids such as water and I also eat food, so it is quite easy to work out, for they are the most simplistic possible pleasures of life that I carry out day after day, all of which are absolutely important for the survival and continuation of life. I go through them and process each of those eating, drinking and general living activities carefully and methodically because of the pure reason that they are the least dangerous yet most necessary requirements for life unlike such unnecessary, completely unimportant, idiotic things such as alcohol.

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