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Theatrical Muse: Week 40: Question 40

Name: Conrad Ecklie

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Word Count: 458

Do you consider yourself to be adventurous?

One of the qualities a CSI has to posses is the desire to be adventurous when needed, for that; they also need to be determined and fearless. Surely we may not be entirely recognised people out in the big world but we are important because we provide the fatal tie togethers that can and most often do make the final deciding clamp on a case. The evidence findings that we to provide can make many things happen such as the decision of what person gets what, who is let off, who is captured and locked away and even sometimes the length or amount of their punishment. To be a CSI a person has to realise that they have to know something and not let it on to the wrong people, they have to be scrutinisingly careful when collecting and examining evidence, they have to be strong.

I am strong and I do hold and use quite often all of those qualities which I have so carefully named for you so you do not have the slightest possible chance of getting confused. I am adventurous because I get up every morning with the knowledge that, even though it is highly unlikely I could die that day. Every single person in the world could die this day or the next but I work in a job where, if people are to careful enough and let something slip through their systems then they can cause a domino effect and bring others down with them. I get up and continue with my job though, sure it is a rather unlikely chance that I will be injured or killed because I am careful and I take the proper precautions but the knowledge is still there. People as I have seen who are not as careful as I am or take the same attitude to things to suffer the consequences of their actions when something goes wrong. I watch carefully the track record of Grissom’s for my own personal amusement and I have seen Willows injured, Grissom himself threatened and Gribbs shot and killed amongst other slip ups of the Nightshift team. Comparing it to my own team and myself especially I am hardier then those other clowns, I get out there, I do the work and I don’t fear it. If I did fear then it would not be of use to me. I am being adventurous by going out on the scene, I am being adventurous by doing what I do. Maybe being adventurous doesn’t really take that much effort but I consider it to require a certain will and a certain hard mind, both of which I have, so yes, I am adventurous.

Got it? Get it? Good, now piss off.

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